CryptoParser is a cryptographic protocol (TLS, SSH) and security-related protocol piece (HTTP headers) parser. It is neither a comprehensive nor a secure implementation of any cryptographic protocol. The goal is to support testing cryptographic libraries or analysing cryptography-realted settings of application servers such as CryptoLyzer does.



pip install cryptoparser


Python implementation

  • CPython (2.7, 3.3+)

  • PyPy (2.7, 3.5+)

Operating systems

  • Linux

  • macOS

  • Windows


Detailed documentation is available on the project’s Read the Docs site.


The code is available under the terms of Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 (MPL 2.0).

A non-comprehensive, but straightforward description of MPL 2.0 can be found at Choose an open source license website.



The main purpose of creating this library is the fact, that cryptography protocol analysis differs in many aspect from establishing a connection using a cryptographic protocol. Analysis is mostly testing where we trigger special and corner cases of the protocol and we also trying to establish connection with hardly supported, experimental, obsoleted or even deprecated mechanisms or algorithms which are may or may not supported by the latest or any version of an implementation of the cryptographic protocol.

One the one hand it is neither a comprehensive nor a secure implementation of any cryptographic protocol. On the one hand library implements only the absolutely necessary parts of the protocol. On the other it contains completely insecure algorithms and mechanisms. It is not designed and contraindicated to use this library establishing secure connections. If you are searching for cryptographic protocol implementation, there are several existing wrappers and native implementations for Python (eg: M2Crypto, pyOpenSSL, Paramiko, …).